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The Bridge Program supports student and adult learners by providing the College Prep and Workforce Prep programs to increase access to education and career opportunities. 


College Prep


The College Prep program prepares students to successfully compete in postsecondary institutions. Students receive tutoring, counseling, and individualized instruction to help prepare for college. Common program activities include: college admissions counseling, career counseling, assistance with financial aid forms, course selection guidance, college application help, college campus visits, career shadowing, tutoring, college entrance exam preparation, study skills workshops, and parent workshops
to foster the development and implementation of collaborative partnerships among and between colleges, schools, and community-based organizations. The program ensures that all students have every opportunity to be successful learners in an environment of team support that honors the uniqueness of each individual. 


Workforce Prep

The Workforce Prep program is designed to develop skilled workers who will support a productive and efficient economy. Student and adult learners will participate in classes, or workshops, to assist with identifying and achieving educational and career goals. Participants will learn about opportunities through collaborative programs, and how to build the workforce pipeline of their community's existing labor force. They will learn strategies on recruitment and retention of a skilled labor force and how to self-assess qualifications, skills, and abilities to prepare for a competitive workforce. 

Services that are available include:

  • Career Counseling 

  • Career Assessments

  • Job Referrals/Placement 

  • Child Care Enrollment Assistance 

  • Support Groups and Seminars 

  • Resume Assistance 

  • Internet-based Job Search 

  • Career General Support 

  • Career Advocacy for Success 

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