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The English as a Second Language (ESL) program allows K12 students and adult learners to achieve their academic and professional goals by providing access to adapted English language instruction that meets individual needs. The K12 English School is designed to support students attending kindergarten through grade 12. The English Institute supports adult English language learners, and prepares them for the TOEFL exam. 

The K12 English School and English Institute offer flexible English language courses, tutoring, and English Speaking Clubs. Students develop academic and professional fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The programs aim to cultivate a diverse learning community that appreciates the English language through the expression of different cultures in the context of pedagogical excellence and multiculturalism. Our courses carry institutional credit, which allows qualified students to receive financial aid, among other benefits.

The ESL program fulfills its mission through programs in 2 areas:

  • K12 English School 

  • English Institute

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