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building bridges family first institute

The Building Bridges Family First Institute (FFI) exists to strengthen and empower families through education, health, and well-being. FFI offers family strengthening and empowerment programs to enhance the lives of local and global community families we serve. Workshops and classes focus on parenting strategies for nurturing child development, healthy relationships, career, and development. It aims to inspire families to become agents of social change by leading positive change for healthy communities in the five focus areas of W.H.E.E.L.:

  1. Well-being – FFI supports families in life skills development to ensure the total well-being of their children.

  2. Health- FFI supports families to lead in balanced health and nutrition lifestyles for their children. 

  3. Education – FFI supports families as primary educators for their children.

  4. Economics – FFI supports families to be resourceful in creating financial opportunities and managing financial responsibilities to care for their children. 

  5. Leadership - FFI supports families in achieving greater self-sufficiency for successful parenting.

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