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building bridges MENTORING program

The Mentorship Program exists to connect youth and young adults between ages 8 and 18 with local and worldwide peer and professional networks. It prepares youth and young adults to be leaders, critical thinkers, and social change agents. The program is designed to empower youth and young adults to influence and promote self-sustainable communities. Our core value curriculum integrates experiential learning, community service, leadership development, character development, advocacy, and peer mentoring. Participants are encouraged to transform themselves and others by using our seven core values of creativity, compassion, competence, confidence, community, collaboration and commitment.


  1. Creativity. Youth and young adults are fountains of new ideas, inspiring better ways to service the community.

  2. Compassion. Youth and young adults are genuinely concerned about the individual needs of others.

  3. Competence. Youth and young adults think critically to continually improve their leadership and innovation strategies by using data and analysis and sharing findings with community partners.

  4. Confidence. Youth and young adults feel comfortable and confident in expressing their ideas and trust that their ideas will be well received.

  5. Community. Youth and young adults seek out and facilitate informed decision-making and engagement of community participants, so partners can contribute in a meaningful way. 

  6. Collaboration. Youth and young adults are eager to rely on others for support because they understand how results can be collectively achieved through effective collaboration. 

  7. Commitment. Youth and young adults are committed to serving the community with excellence in character and service.

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